Open new iTerm tab in the same folder

Many times a day I’m in iTerm and use the command+T shortcut to open a new tab. I want this tab to open in the same folder I’m in, not the root folder, so I then have to annoyingly navigate back to the folder from the previous tab.

But there’s an easy fix for this!

Under Settings in the Profile tab, in the Working Directory section, select the button for “Reuse previous session’s directory” and bingo! new tabs will open in the same folder from the previous tab.

Profile settings
advanced settings

You can customize further by clicking on “Advanced Configuration” -> “Edit”, which adds options for new tabs, new windows, and new split panes.


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Redact Text in Preview

So the simplest way to redact text in Preview is to cover it with a black box then to save it as an image file, so it is not editable.

  • Click on the Show Markup Toolbar
  • Click on the Shapes button, and select the square
  • Draw a box over the text you want to redact
  • Export as a image file. File -> Export -> (pick .tiff or .png)

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Hide Content in Mac Preview Screenshots

I was looking for a quick way to blur out sensitive information in a screenshot using Preview on a Mac. While I didn’t find an actual blur tool, something can can accomplish the same thing is simply drawing a box around the area you want to hide and pressing delete – see screenshot below where my Access Key ID is whited out:

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 7.36.11 AM

This seems to only work in image files, not pdfs.


Open Embedded Visio Flowcharts in Word on Mac and Windows

For some reason, on a Mac using Parallels Desktop to run Word and Visio in Windows, I cannot right click on an embedded Visio flowchart to open it in Visio. Usually, when you right click on an embedded Visio chart, you get the “Visio object” option, which includes an option to “edit”. But mine doesn’t have that option!!


However, I figured out that a simple keyboard shortcut can let you open the Visio for editing.

In Word running in Windows, use alt+double click (or option+double click) to open the embedded Visio chart in Visio for editing. When you hold down the alt/option key while double clicking on the embedded flowchart, it will open in Visio. Sweet!

Simple, yet hidden!

Make an Attendee Optional in Outlook for Mac 2016

Surprisingly (or maybe not), I found it hard to figure out how to make a meeting attendee optional in Outlook. It is annoying that Microsoft chose to make the Office for Mac versions different enough from their Windows versions to cause confusion. But, in any case, here is how to make an attendee optional:

When you are creating a new meeting, hit the scheduling button at the top to bring up the schedule view.  The list of attendees will appear on the left. Click on the little arrow beside a person’s name to adjust their status between Required, Optional, or Resource. (I believe Required is default)



Not too difficult, but also not intuitive. Personally I’ve found Outlook so hard to deal with that I’ve switched to Mail, but I have found it not ideal either, and I with Calendar was integrated with Mail, as its annoying to switch between apps. If anyone has a wonderful email/calendar solution on Mac, please let me know!

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