Don’t go phishing

What do you call a woman who likes to fish? A ‘fisherwoman’? ‘fisherperson’? just ‘fisher’? ¬†Language is fun ūüôā

Anyway, I learned today how easy people fall victim to phishing, and how effective it can be. ¬†This Onion story¬†was really sobering, and depressing for me. ¬†Basically with just a few cleverly worded emails, the Syrian army was able to completely infiltrate¬†The Onion‘s accounts.

Its easy to say that other people do stupid things that we would never do, such as be fooled by phishing emails, but this article just reiterated to me that we all do stupid things, especially on the internet. ¬†We use the internet so frequently, and usually only hear about other people’s horror stories, so the danger appears far away. ¬†It’s kinda like driving, we do it so often we feel like its safe and there is no danger. ¬†But many people die every day in car accidents, and most of us are only inches from an accident more often than we would like to admit. ¬†We need reminders to be careful with our internet activity.

I won’t go into the whole hack and security features, because people smarter than me already have. ¬†But one small trick I want to mention that I use all the time is knowing where a link is going to take you before you click it. ¬†If you hover your mouse over a link in your browser, and look at the bottom left corner, you will see where the link is actually going. ¬†My mouse is hovering over the “” link, but the browser shows me it’s actually going to “”.

Those in this attack might have been able to use this trick to see that the links they were sent in their emails were not actually safe links because they had strange URLs.  Hope you find it useful.


This is a blog I’ve been wanting to start for a long time. ¬†Everyday we all learn something new. ¬†Probably many new things. ¬†I wanted to begin to write them down, and share them with the world, so others can learn them. ¬†What I learn varies from a new trick in Excel, to lessons about life. ¬†I hope you learn something!