Adobe After Effects Play Sound in Video Preview

Trying to preview your vide in After Effects, but the audio isn’t playing?  In order to play the sound or audio during the video preview, you need to click the “RAM Preview” button in the Preview pain as shown below:



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Take a Timed Screenshot in Mac

A very useful tool that I never knew existed until today.  Every mac comes with a utility called “Grab”, in the Applications > Utilities folder.

It’s basically a screenshot application, and it includes a feature for a timed screen grab, under the Capture menu.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 4.05.01 AM

It will wait 10 seconds then take a screenshot. You can also use a terminal command:

screencapture -T 10 myscreenshot.jpg

The number 10 is the time delay in seconds, and of course the last input is the desired filename, which is saved in the users directory by defualt.

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How To Trim Audio Clip in Adobe Audition CS6

Today was the first day I ever opened Adobe Audition (link).  As with most Adobe software, I personally find it very un-intuitive, and almost impossible to figure it out just by hunting around.  So I had to look up how to do something as simple as trimming an audio file.  

This requires the ‘razor blade tool’ (screenshot). Note that it will be grayed out and unusable in the ‘wirefom’ mode; it only becomes visible and clickable in the ‘multitrack’ mode.


Once you click that, you can clip you audio track wherever you like, then simply delete the extra part.  Pretty simple, but not easy to figure out without someone telling you.

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Horizontal Line in HTML

So this is pretty simply, but I feel pretty useful.

To make a horizontal line, use the


tag.  With no styling, it will give a result like this:

You can style it just like any other element, using CSS.

 <hr  style="height:3px;background-color: black;width:90%;" class="line1">


Some credit here, although some of the stuff in that post is deprecated. I believe in HTML5, the best practices are to just use standard CSS to style lines.

Sublime Text Multiple Cursors Select Next

Did you know that you can use multiple cursors in Sublime Text?  If you want to auto select all of the instances of a certain text, simply highlight it, then press hold <code>Cmd</code> and keep pressing <code>D</code> to select all the instances of a word. Now you have multiple cursors, so you can edit all those instances at the same time. Pretty neat huh?