Screenflow Keyboard Shortcut to Select and Deselect a Range in the Timeline

I actually stumbled on this by accident. I hit some keys and it selected a part of my timeline and then I couldn’t get it ‘unselected’ or ‘deselected’ so I could export the whole video.  Turns out its a simple keyboard shorcut.

My screen looked like this:

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 7.26.01 AM

with a blue portion of the timeline ‘selected’ or ‘highlighted’.  What I had done was accidentally press the keyboard shortcut "I", the letter “i“.  This selects part of the timeline, or creates a “Mark In Point”.  You can also do this by clicking Mark -> Mark In Point.

Now, to get rid of this, simply type "control+z", or select Mark -> Clear In & Out Points.

By the way, Screenflow is an awesome inexpensive video editor.

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