Force Close a Tab in Google Chrome

Sometimes tabs stop working and will hang and not let you close them when you click on the ‘X’.  Usually Chrome is good at closing tabs that have crashed, but not always.  In case you need to manually close a tab that is not responding, here’s how you do it.

Go to Window -> Task Manager.  Find the misbehaving tab by its title, and click End Process.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 2.35.58 PM

Pretty easy huh?

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Transfer apk app files between Android devices using Android Beam

Android Beam is a very useful feature that iPhones don’t have.  However, as I was trying to use it for the first time today, it took me a few tries to figure it out.

First, on the device with the file you want to send, pull up the file in your favorite file explorer:


Long press the file, and then click the ‘share’ icon, and choose Android Beam:


Then you will see Android Beam telling you to touch another device:


Then simply touch your other device to the back of this device, making sure both devices have NFC and Android Beam turned on.  NOTE: both devices must also be unlocked. You will see the Beam start and a progress bar in the notification dropdown:


You will see a similar notification on the receiving device that says “Incoming Beam”. Once the transfer is finished, you will see a notification on the receiving device that it is complete. In the case of an apk file, you can simply touch the notification and install the app.


Pretty convenient huh?