Open Embedded Visio Flowcharts in Word on Mac and Windows

For some reason, on a Mac using Parallels Desktop to run Word and Visio in Windows, I cannot right click on an embedded Visio flowchart to open it in Visio. Usually, when you right click on an embedded Visio chart, you get the “Visio object” option, which includes an option to “edit”. But mine doesn’t have that option!!


However, I figured out that a simple keyboard shortcut can let you open the Visio for editing.

In Word running in Windows, use alt+double click (or option+double click) to open the embedded Visio chart in Visio for editing. When you hold down the alt/option key while double clicking on the embedded flowchart, it will open in Visio. Sweet!

Simple, yet hidden!


Internet connection in VirtualBox guest

Another pain point that I found a quick solution for.  I thoroughly enjoy my specced out MacBook Pro, but sometimes I still must run Windows for things like 3D CAD with SolidWorks.  For this I use a free virtual machine tool called VirtualBox and run Windows 7 seamlessly and flawlessly.

However, occasionally I’ve had trouble connecting to the internet in Windows (the guest).  I searched around for almost an hour, and found a quick solution that takes less that 5 seconds. (seems to be a trend, no?)

While running your guest OS, in my case Windows, go to the VirtualBox menu at the bottom and click on “Devices -> Network Adapters”.

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 6.48.23 AM

Choose “Attached to: -> NAT”


That’s it!  Even though the little internet icon in the bottom right still shows some kind of error, Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 6.54.07 AM the connection worked fine for me.  Hope it works for you!