Transfer apk app files between Android devices using Android Beam

Android Beam is a very useful feature that iPhones don’t have. ¬†However, as I was trying to use it for the first time today, it took me a few tries to figure it out.

First, on the device with the file you want to send, pull up the file in your favorite file explorer:


Long press the file, and then click the ‘share’ icon, and choose Android Beam:


Then you will see Android Beam telling you to touch another device:


Then simply touch your other device to the back of this device, making sure both devices have NFC and Android Beam turned on.  NOTE: both devices must also be unlocked. You will see the Beam start and a progress bar in the notification dropdown:


You will see a similar notification on the receiving device that says “Incoming Beam”. Once the transfer is finished, you will see a notification on the receiving device that it is complete. In the case of an apk file, you can simply touch the notification and install the app.


Pretty convenient huh?