How to Sync Titanium Backup with Box account

If you’re like me, you use the Titanium Backup app (and here) to backup all your apps and data so that if you often switch phones or install now Android custom ROMs you can easily restore all your apps and their data and settings.

I’ve been using this app for years, and always just backed up to the SD card.  But if you’re phone doesn’t have an SD card, then it’s a pain to copy all the backup files to your computer before wiping your phone to install a new ROM or get a new phone.  Hence the beauty of cloud storage.

It took me forever to figure out how to sync my Titanium Backup with my Box account, because I couldn’t find it in the settings anywhere. So here’s how you do it.

First go to Menu -> Preferences and check the “Enable Box” checkbox.  You would think that next you would need to put in your credentials under the “Box Settings” button, which is what I thought, but its not there.  You need to go to ‘Schedules’ from the starting TB screen, and click ‘Add new schedule’.  Choose all the settings you want, then at the bottom under the ‘When finished’ dropdown, select ‘Sync to Box’ or the cloud storage of your choice, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.



Now click ‘Save’, then click ‘Run’.  You will now finally see the login screen for Box where you can enter your credentials.



Hit ‘Login’ and sign in to Box, and it will run the action. We’re done!

I’m using Android 4.2.2 and TB version

(credit here)


Free From iTunes – RSS feed podcasts

I’m a big fan of the Freakonomics podcasts, and the books/blog as well.  I can barely wait a whole week in between episodes, and I’m always checking my TuneIn Radio app to see if there is an updated episode.  Which, by the way, I wish TuneIn would let you subscribe for notifications when new episodes of my podcasts are posted.  And why can’t I ‘favorite’ the Freakonomics podcast?

Side note, I just read that the TuneIn Radio app and others like Pandora can sync with your car using MyFordSync.  Unfortunately my wife’s 2012 Ford Focus isn’t yet supported, even though the 2013 model is.

Anyway, I wanted to listen to another one of my favorite podcasts on my phone, the Breakaway podcast. But since I have an Android phone, I of course don’t have iTunes on my phone.  And I wouldn’t want to anyway, as iTunes is far and Apple the most terrible product Apple has ever created (but we’ll leave that for another post).  So I was trying to figure out how to listen to podcasts on my phone, and more critically, how to get the RSS link for the Breakaway podcast on iTunes.  I use Podcast Addict. But to get the RSS url, that was a neat little trick.

Adam Schlitt made a sweet free website that converts the iTunes link into an RSS feed link for you.  Then the RSS link can be used to subscribe to the podcast in whatever non-iTunes software of your choice.

Hope it was useful to you, and happy podcasting!Image