Enable Chinese Characters in Kindle App For Android (Nexus 7 2013)

So I recently purchased a Chinese version of “The Country of the Blind“, created by the famous John Pasden (of Sinosplice fame) and Mandarin Companion.  I’m super excited to find this type of resource, as A) it is severely lacking, and B) it is exactly where I am in my current Chinese journey.

So I bought it through the Kindle app on my beloved Nexus 7 (2013).  Then I open it and all the Chinese characters just appears as the dreaded black boxes.  How frustrating!  After lots of Googling, I finally contacted Amazon support.  Here is what worked to install Chinese characters, or enable them, or display them, or however you want to describe it.

First, de-register your device through the Kindle app (Settings -> Deregister).  Then uninstall the Kindle app, re-install, re-download the book.  The first time I tried to open the book, the app crashed.  But when I re-opened the app, finally it worked! The Chinese characters are displayed.

This is a terrible user experience.  I have no idea why Amazon hasn’t made this seamless.  In any case, hopefully this helps you.