Hide Content in Mac Preview Screenshots

I was looking for a quick way to blur out sensitive information in a screenshot using Preview on a Mac. While I didn’t find an actual blur tool, something can can accomplish the same thing is simply drawing a box around the area you want to hide and pressing delete – see screenshot below where my Access Key ID is whited out:

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 7.36.11 AM

This seems to only work in image files, not pdfs.




Take a Timed Screenshot in Mac

A very useful tool that I never knew existed until today.  Every mac comes with a utility called “Grab”, in the Applications > Utilities folder.

It’s basically a screenshot application, and it includes a feature for a timed screen grab, under the Capture menu.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 4.05.01 AM

It will wait 10 seconds then take a screenshot. You can also use a terminal command:

screencapture -T 10 myscreenshot.jpg

The number 10 is the time delay in seconds, and of course the last input is the desired filename, which is saved in the users directory by defualt.

Credit here.

Screenshot of active window in Mac OS X

Today is a quick and short one.  Wondering how to take a screenshot of just a single application or window?  Yes, Apple makes it easy, just kinda hard to remember the exact key strokes 😉

Press Command-Shift-4 then Spacebar

Then move the mouse with the little camera icon over the application window that you want to take a screenshot of.  So useful!!

Credit goes to this about.com article.