Block Cursor in Sublime Text 3

Seems so simple, and would be nice if it was a one line setting or solution, but after searching forums, I found a pretty easy fix.

Add this code to your settings file:

"caret_extra_bottom": 0,
"caret_extra_top": 0,
"caret_extra_width": 8,
"caret_style": "phase",

And you will get a cursor like this:

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 5.31.33 PM

Adjust the width to your comfort level. I like 4.

credit Zoran Simic here


Sublime Text Multiple Cursors Select Next

Did you know that you can use multiple cursors in Sublime Text?  If you want to auto select all of the instances of a certain text, simply highlight it, then press hold <code>Cmd</code> and keep pressing <code>D</code> to select all the instances of a word. Now you have multiple cursors, so you can edit all those instances at the same time. Pretty neat huh?